Sharing Box

200 State Route 20, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia 18. March 2023
Asanda Tshendu Steward
Center Type: Sharing Box
Sharing items:Book,clothes and food
Description:Iphupha Lam is a non profit organization who works in a disadvantaged area of Harare Khayelitsha in Cape Town , by proving resources for the community particularly the children . Provinding counselling , food ,emotional support and play a parental role to those they dont have families


Organization Info
Organization Name:Iphupha Lam Social Welfare Organization
Organization Address:33585 Hlula Street Harare Khayelitsha
Organization Phone:0210231009
Organization Address:33585 Hlula Street Harare Khayelitsha
Initiator:Asanda Tshendu
Place Owner:Director
Cleaning:Zimasa Ntsizana
Implementer:Athenkosi Bovana
Maintenance:Zwelibanzi Ngwendu
Shipping Info
City:Cape Town
Country:South Africa
Zip Code:7784
Testimonial Person\s Name:Retabile Sanibare
Testimonial:She is my mentor a lady who make my dream come true proving resources to start Iphupha Lam after school program, She always tells us any dream is possible you must believe and push until it is real


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