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Build your Center

”I believe that poverty will be over when you and I share of ourselves, of what we have and what we are.”

So you want to build a new Sharing Center? – Well, you’re in the right place here! We would love to help and guide you through this amazing task and share our and other organizations’ best practices. Sounds already exciting, right?

To start up with your project there are 3 important questions you need to ask yourself.


Where to build the center? First you need to decide where you want to build your Sharing Center. This is very important – you want to choose a good location that gets enough attention from the community, is easily accesible to the public, so that you can help as many people as possible. It has to be accessible to all members of the community and not descriminate anyone. This could be any place, such as a place near a church or public institution or even a shopping mall.  It should also be a place that is safe, not putting anyone in immediate danger or attracting any negative attention, and should not be nuisance to the neighborhood.


Who is going to build, install and maintain your center?

these are essential parts of the process and it is important to decide early on how your center will be organized.

Below we will share with you specific tips on how to build your specific kind of center – be it Sharing Box, Sharing Fridge or Sharing Bulletin.

It is essential to decide who is going to maintain your center. Safety is very important,  and therefore maintenance should be on top of your list. You need to arrange for the center to be cleaned on a regular basis, for the donations to be constantly monitored and assured that any contents are not health threatening, so that constant safety is guaranteed.


What type of Sharing Center you want to build?

This purely depends on your possibilities and what is best suited for your neighborhood. We believe that members of the community know this best.

Now that you have decided which kind of Sharing Center you want build (or maybe you want to implement all three models), you need to know how to do this, below we share with you our tips how to build a

Sharing Box

Sharing Bulletin

Sharing Fridge

After building your Sharing Center, we recommend you to be become part of our community and register your center here! There are lots of benefits you can profit from being part of our network!

After registering you can apply for financial support here. You can check out our eligibility criteria here.

If you have any other questions, just ask us!