Sharing Fridge

06468 Xuma St, Emdeni South, Soweto, 1861, South Africa 26. January 2023
Fikile Nkosi Steward
Center Type: Sharing Fridge
Sharing items:Food
Description:We hope to get donations for food for the frail older persons we care for in our Centre poverty is rife in this part of our community and the Centre is only receiving funding from Social Devlopment or Home Based Care however poverty is the most contributing factor to older people suffering from ill health.


Organization Info
Organization Name:Lindanisizwe Home Based Care / Community Development Project
Organization Address:6468 Xuma street Emdeni Ext 2
Organization Phone:0847476762
Organization Address:6468 Xuma street Emdeni Ext 2
Initiator:Fikile Nkosi
Place Owner:Busisiwe Mbonane
Cleaning:John Mabote
Implementer:Sthembile Mbonane
Maintenance:Thabile Tshabalala
Shipping Info
Address 1:2154 Phidwa Street Emdeni Ext, Johannesburg 1868
Country:South Africa
Zip Code:1868
Testimonial Person\s Name:Fikile Nkosi
Testimonial:As an Organization we have overcome many adversities since 2009 when the project started we've affected the lives of many older persons in our area the work our caregivers do is impactful not just to the beneficiaries but to everyone who has received service from the organization we wish to do more to bring about positive change in this community the work we have done with our other partners has brought immense change we want to do more to help improve the state of this community and improve the lives of everyone in this community.


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