Sharing Box and Bulletin

3GM6+CXW, Antananarivo, Madagascar 24. January 2022
Center Type: Sharing Box, Bulletin
Sharing items:Nonperishable food, Books, Toys, Clothes, School Supplies, etc.
Description:This is the new church where sharing BOX has been lastly installed, located in populated area where underprivileged communities are living. It is installed inside the church at the main entrance. Box and Bulletin are installed closely to each other and people started to use the BOX from the first moment. They have already used the box to gather goods and materials which is really great. They have a good organization within their church, such as all the contributors need to write down their name with the items they gave so as to have a transparency and increase safety.It is accessible on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 5pm.


Organization Info
Organization Name:Helpi
Organization Address:
Place Owner:EEM Anatihazo Isotry
Cleaning:Scouts 212ÈME Tily Analamanga Afovoany and Helpi
Implementer:Scouts 212 ÈME Tily Analamanga Afovoany
Maintenance:Scouts 212ÈME Tily Analamanga Afovoany and Helpi
Partners:Scouts 212 ÈME Tily Analamanga Afovoany
Shipping Info



NameDonated amount
Helpi$ 130

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