Sharing Box and Bulletin

3G6Q+4R6, Rue Ramilijaona, Antananarivo, Madagascar 24. January 2022
Center Type: Sharing Box, Bulletin
Sharing items:Books, food, toiletries, home furniture, educational material, non perishable food
Description:The Box is well installed within the Adventist Church at Ampamatanana where communities can help each other via the Sharing center ;The implementer Mr Tsito has provided to the communities the functionalities and the utility of the sharing center so the people have a great understading of how it works.Communities were happy and congratulated the Implementer for this success as well as Helpi for the support and the Initiative .Communities becme familiar with the important use of the sharing box and already started to give and to collect.The Sharing Box is well installed at the main entrance of the church and is accessible to anyone from the community on Wednesday and Friday from 05 pm to 7:30 pm, on Saturday morning and afternoon and the whole Sunday.


Organization Info
Organization Name:Helpi
Organization Address:40 G St SW, Washington DC, 20024, USA
Organization Phone:+1 202 468 4673
Organization Address:40 G St SW, Washington DC, 20024, USA
Initiator:Andriantsitohaina Roberson Joachin
Place Owner:Adventist Church Ampamantanana
Cleaning:Adventist Church Ampamantanana
Implementer:Mt Tsitoh
Maintenance:Adventist Church Ampamantanana
Partners:Adventist Youth, Helpi
Shipping Info
Country:United States
Testimonial Person\s Name:TSITOH
Testimonial:Communities felt a great joy for having the sharing center within their Church so they could support each other.The Box is accessible during office hour and the whole Sabbath Praying service .



NameDonated amount
Helpi$ 130

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