Sharing Box and Bulletin

Štiavnická cesta 182/26, 935 05 Pukanec, Slovakia 24. January 2022
Veronika Drabikova Steward
Center Type: Sharing Box, Bulletin
Sharing items:Books
Description:Komunitne Centrum Pukanec doing amazing work for the communities in Pukanec, making various collections of food, clothes, books, toys and other goods and distributing these to people and especially kids who need the help the most is also having Books Sharing Box located in local elementary school. Apart from material help they also do various counseling, help with education, creative workshops, school homeworks assistance as well as educational and preventive lectures. We simply love all they do and wish them best of luck for all their efforts. They are also cooperating with Red Cross in Pukanec.


Organization Info
Organization Name:Komunitne Centrum Pukanec
Organization Address:Štiavnická cesta 26, 93505 Pukanec
Organization Address:Štiavnická cesta 26, 93505 Pukanec
Initiator:Komunitne Centrum Pukanec
Place Owner:Komunitne Centrum Pukanec
Cleaning:Komunitne Centrum Pukanec
Implementer:Komunitne Centrum Pukanec
Maintenance:Komunitne Centrum Pukanec
Partners:Komunitne Centrum Pukanec, Red Cross Pukanec, Helpi
Shipping Info
Address 1:Komunitne Centrum Pukanec
Address 2:Štiavnická cesta 26
Zip Code:93505



NameDonated amount
Helpi Organization$ 130

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